You Had a Great Time Marbling Your Silk, Now What?

Here are the next step for your newly painted masterpiece! Remember, in your zip-lock bag you have a wet silk, not wet paint.

  • When you get home (or to your hotel room), you will need to hang the silk to dry. The best way to do this is to re-wet it and let it drip dry. I like to hang mine in the shower, where it is out of the sun and out of the way. Here's how I do it...

  • Fill a bowl (or the ice bucket in the hotel room) with cold tap water. If you want, you can add some fabric softener to the water.

  • Take the silk out of the zip-lock bag, and place it in the bowl of cold water. Holding it under the water, gently unfolding and swishing to release the creases. 

  • If you see any color in the water, don't panic. That is just dry paint floating around in water. Do NOT attempt to rinse color out of the scarf!

  • If you are using the fabric softener, let it soak at least one hour, or overnight. 

  • If you are not using fabric softener, there is no need to soak it - just submerge, swish, and hang.

  • DO NOT WRING OR TWIST - it will just add wrinkles and creases that will need to be ironed out later.

  • I like to use skirt hangers - the ones with clips on them - to hang my silk. Just clip each corner of the silk at one end, and hang it on the shower head. The silk will hang right down to the bottom of the tub/shower. Don't worry, it will not stain the tub (remember, it is not wet paint, it is dry bits of paint floating around in water; these dry bits of color may stick to soap scum in the tub, but will easily wash away).

  • Let your silk dry for a minimum of 12 hours to be sure the paint has cured.

  • After 12 hours of drying, iron the silk on the silk setting, no steam, on the BACK SIDE (the side that is not a vibrant and colorful). This heat sets the color. 

  • After dry ironing your silk to heart set it, you may use steam as needed to remove any wrinkles that may remain.

  • Once you've ironed the silk it is good to go! You can wear it, take it out in the sun, hang it, hand wash it, enjoy it…  

  • Yes, It is washable. I recommend hand washing with baby shampoo or Woolite and air drying.