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What is Mixed Media Art?

Mixed Media Art is a broad definition that covers many arts and crafts, including collage, 2D and 3D assemblage, altered objects including books and boxes, handmade greeting cards, artist cards, tags, journal making, art journaling and book making.

The “mixed media” used in a project may include paints, papers and various boards, glues, buttons, fabrics, found objects, photos, fabric, inks, pencils, crayons, markers, pastels and things from nature to name a few.

There are usually three approaches creative hearts take when exploring and playing with mixed media art:

1. The pure collage approach which usually involves a base which could be a clean sheet of paper, a sketchbook page, a cereal box or anything else that may be sitting still. You also need a variety of items to stick on the base, for example, colored papers, newspapers, catalogs, and anything else that tickles your fancy. Lastly, something to adhere everything together, like a gel medium.

2. The pure drawing and painting approach which starts with a base and something to draw with. This could be colored pencils, paints, crayons, markers or pastels.

3. The combined approach which is a happy combination of painting, drawing and collaging - my personal favorite! Here you get to paint, shred, stencil, smudge, smear and stamp until your heart is content, creating a perfectly imperfect mixed media masterpiece! 

What skills do I need?

If you can use a pencil, scissors and glue, you can do mixed media art! Your skills will expand and develop as you practice, play, take creative risks and let your heart lead the way.

My joy and job is to help you explore the basics of mixed media art and build on those basic skills. As you play and create, you will begin to become naturally curious about different techniques and styles. In our workshops, we start of with the basics and then add skill-building tips and techniques for your creative tool box. As you practice and hone your skills, you will develop your artist eye and define your unique mixed media style. It's so much fun!

Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for any addictions that may develop and persist as you explore, play and delight in mixed media art!

Are you ready to PLAY?!

We believe in teaching people how to create art they LOVE - no experience required! 

We offer playful mixed media art and paper-crafting workshops that are sure to awaken your creative spirit.  

Permission granted to create!  No rules, no mistakes, no judgment!

We play, get messy, let our imaginations run wild, invite our childlike and playful spirit out to play and let our hearts lead the way.

•  I provide all the materials, tools, supplies and encouragement you will need.

•  You provide a teachable spirit and all the curiosity and playfulness you can muster up.